Lightest Soccer Cleats

If you are into soccer then be aware that the lightest soccer cleats or boot can make a positive impact on your game. Note that you need a comfortable pair of soccer cleats, particularly lightweight ones, so you can freely and easily move around and showcase your skills in the game.

If you are still on the stage of shopping for the perfect pair of lightweight and comfortable soccer cleats or the right boot for you then let this article serve as your guide.

Top Lightest Soccer Cleats Comparison Table

PictureNameOveral RatingWeightPrice
Adidas X 19+ Firm Ground Cleats Review1. Adidas X 19+ Firm Ground Cleats★★★★★ (5)6.6 ozCheck Price
Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi FG Soccer Cleats Review2. Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi FG Soccer Cleats★★★★★ (5)7.8 ozCheck Price
Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite Review3. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite★★★★ ★(5)7.0 ozCheck Price
Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Soccer Cleat Review4. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Soccer Cleat★★★★★ (5)7.4 ozCheck Price
PUMA One 20.1 FG/AG Soccer Cleat Review5. PUMA One 20.1 FG/AG Soccer Cleat★★★★★ (5)7.2 ozCheck Price
PUMA FUTURE 5.1 FG/AG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat Review6. PUMA FUTURE 5.1 FG/AG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat★★★★★ (5)7.2 ozCheck Price
Mizuno Morelia Neo II Review7. Mizuno Morelia Neo II★★★★★ (5)6.8 ozCheck Price
Umbro Accuro 3 Pro FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat Review8. Umbro Accuro 3 Pro FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat★★★★★ (5)6.2 ozCheck Price
New Balance Furon v6 Pro FG Review9. New Balance Furon v6 Pro FG★★★★★ (5)6.6 ozCheck Price
PUMA One 5.1 Women's FG/AG Review10. PUMA One 5.1 Women's FG/AG★★★★★ (5)7.2 ozCheck Price

Choosing the Lightest Soccer Cleats

lightest soccer cleats

In your search for the best out of the many lightweight soccer cleats that might be introduced to you, there are certain factors you have to consider. By considering the following factors before you make your actual purchase, your chances of selecting the best out of your many choices will surely grow exponentially:

  • Upper Material: The material used in constructing the upper of the soccer cleat should play a vital role in your decision. Note that while some players prefer leather boots because of their natural and glove-like fit, others prefer synthetic uppers because such material promotes a more consistent performance.

    Since you want the lightest soccer cleat, it would be best to go for upper with synthetic material or mesh. It is because synthetic materials are often thin and light. The only problem with them is that they are not as durable as other materials. Mesh, on the other hand, is also light and thin. You can often see it being used in manufacturing running shoes.

    The only problem with mesh is that it causes moisture to penetrate, which might make the footwear prone to getting heavier when worn. Fortunately, some high-end and reputable companies, like Under Armor and Nike, are trying their best to create and use synthetic materials emulating the great traits of natural leather.

    You can expect this synthetic leather material often used in a boot to have more positive qualities, like being more flexible and waterproof. If possible, pick footwear with this type of material for the upper to guarantee your comfort and impressive performance on the field.
  • Playing Conditions: When shopping for lightweight soccer cleats, factor in your playing conditions. For instance, if you are a winger then you will most likely need agility and speed so you can attack confidently. If you are a striker, then what you need is most likely more maneuverability and speed each time you pass and shoot the ball.

    By knowing your specific playing conditions, you can easily search for certain features and qualities in the cleats, like comfort, fit, material, and grip that will help you deliver an impressive performance on the field. If you are an offensive player then agility and speed are two vital qualities you need, making it necessary to focus on finding lightweight cleats. If you are a defensive player then focus on a cleat, which provides additional protection and stability.
  • Outsole: Spend time checking and analyzing the soccer cleat’s outsole, too. The outsole actually refers to the bottom part of the cleat. You can see it as the place where studs are attached. If possible, look for a cleat with an outsole, which features studs molded into its overall design.

    This is because this assures you of more comfort and a nicer grip. It is possible to spot rubber studs nowadays. You may also find boots that utilize metal. However, take note that the kind of outsole that your chosen cleat should have needs to be fully dependent on your usual playing surface.
  • Shock-absorption: As much as possible, pick a soccer cleat with a high level of shock-absorption. Note that soccer involves running, sprinting, or jogging across the ground. With that in mind, your cleat needs to have shock-absorption properties to prevent straining your heels and feet’s balls. Go for a pair of cleats with maximum shock-absorption to prevent injuries.
  • Accuracy and control: Make sure that the soccer cleat you have chosen promotes a high level of accuracy and control. Note that soccer requires you to have full control over the ball regardless of your position in the field. With that in mind, find a pair of soccer cleats that provide support and assistance in the accuracy and control departments.

Other factors you have to take into consideration are the brand, flexibility, durability, and comfort.

Does the Weight of Soccer Cleat Matter?

Of course, the cleat’s weight is even one of the most crucial aspects that all prospective buyers should take into consideration. It is because the weight can have a direct effect on your agility and speed. You need a lightweight one because any unnecessary weight added to the shoe might only adversely hamper your performance once you are on the field.

However, even with the lightweight structure of a soccer cleat, it should still be able to prove its durability. The light material used should never compromise the strength of the overall structure. Make sure that your lightweight soccer cleat still provides the protection you need on the field.

Top 10 Lightest Soccer Cleats Reviews

Adidas Lightest Soccer Cleats

Adidas X 19+ Firm Ground Cleats (6.6 oz)

✔ Flexible and lightweight
✔ Hugs your feet comfortably
✔ Promotes a more streamlined and convenient fit
✔ Assures you of rapid starts and stops regardless of the firmness of the ground
✔ Well-ventilated, thanks to the cut-outs on the inner liner

✘ Requires a bit more time to break in

Adidas X 19+ Firm Ground Cleats Review

Weighing only around 6.6 ounces, this is probably one of the lightest soccer cleats perfect for soccer players. One advantage of this pair of cleats is that it is offered by the famous and reputable footwear brand, Adidas. This means that it has a bigger chance of giving prospective users the kind of satisfaction they are hoping for.

Adidas created this using the lightweight and soft X-lay skin upper, which works efficiently in hugging your feet comfortably. With that, expect it to give you a more streamlined and convenient fit. It also assures you of minimal feel, which is a big help during your games since it lets you move without feeling like something is interrupting you.

This pair of Adidas cleats also features arrowhead forefoot studs that were paired up with round heel studs. The combination of these features promote rapid starts and stops even when players are doing their game on firm and solid grounds. You will also notice some cut-outs in the cleat’s internal liner.

These cut-outs further decrease the weight of the cleats while ensuring a well-ventilated feel. This product from Adidas also boasts of its top layer known as the engineered warp knit. This specific feature adds grip and texture on top with the built-in ridges.

Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi FG Soccer Cleats (7.8 oz)

✔ Guarantees a customized and personalized fit
✔ Easy to put on and take off
✔ Promotes rapid and easy entry
✔ Highly flexible and durable
✔ Breathable, making you feel as comfortable as possible when you wear it

✘ Not equipped with as many high-tech features as the other footwear from Adidas

Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi FG Soccer Cleats Review

Another impressive pair of soccer cleats from the trusted Adidas brand is the Nemeziz 19.1 Messi FG. One incredible feature of this pair of footwear is the tension tape, which lessens possible restrictions, especially on the in-step. This assures you of a more customized and personalized fit.

Putting on this footwear from Adidas is also easy, thanks to the stretchy tape integrated into its collar. This is made to separate easily to guarantee a rapid and easy entry. It is also one of the most flexible pair of cleats from Adidas.

Such flexibility is noticeable for all twists and turns with the help of the split outsole as well as the torsion system insole board that it features. The agility stud configuration applied into this pair of cleats is also impressive because it offers adequate support every time soccer players make high-speed turns and acceleration.

The agility upper promotes ease in changing directions rapidly when you are playing on the field. The Adidas Nemeziz also has an anatomical shape, which assures you of the best fit. It is made to be breathable, thanks to the coated mesh upper integrated into the footwear. The proven lightness of this cleat combined with its amazing breathability does not still affect its overall durability.

Nike Lightest Soccer Cleats

Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite (7.0 oz)

✔ Tough and durable construction
✔ Proven to be light and flexible
✔ Features an upgraded anti-clog plate
✔ Well-textured and strong upper provided
✔ A more supercharged traction guaranteed

✘ Tough initially, making it necessary to spend some time breaking it in

Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite Review

If you want to buy a pair of light soccer cleat or boot from Nike then you will feel glad to know that the brand will not disappoint you because its Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite will surely meet most of your requirements. With the Aerowtrac zone integrated into this cleat’s forefoot combined with its somewhat stiff chassis, expect this Nike cleat to provide much supercharged traction.

It has a well-textured upper that provides a nice grip when it comes in contact with the ball, which offers a huge advantage for players. The grip is enough to help you manage a pass while remaining hard and thin enough that it offers a somewhat sharp feel each time you strike the ball. It is initially tough, though, but it will soften for adequate comfort upon breaking it in.

Such initial toughness proves its durability. The upper is so strong and durable that you do not have to worry about it being prone to tear or causing foot injury when playing a game. Even if this pair of Nike cleats is constructed to be tough and sturdy, you will still notice its flexibility and lightness.

Another nice thing about it is its upgraded anti-clog plate. It adheres to the split design applied to the cleat as a means of maintaining its lightweight nature without compromising its overall flexibility.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Soccer Cleat (7.4 oz)

✔ Guarantees a snug and comfortable fit
✔ Uses Quadfit mesh material for the interiors, locking your feet securely in comfort
✔ Boasts of an impressive traction
✔ Lightweight, making it easier to wear and use
✔ Sturdy and durable

✘ The leather used is not as good as the others

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Soccer Cleat Review

Another great recommendation for players searching for the lightest soccer cleat or boot is the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG. There are plenty of things to love about this pair of Nike soccer cleat – one of which is the fact that it guarantees a snug and comfortable fit. This is all thanks to the combination of the Flyknit tunnel and Quadfit mesh used in constructing it.

You will notice the Quadfit mesh being used in the cleat’s inner lining. It contributes a lot in ensuring that the cleat locks completely over your feet the entire game. Expect a sock-like and comfortable fit with the aid of the built-in Flyknit tunnel, which comfortably wraps around both your feet.

The upper is constructed from one-piece kangaroo leather material, which is built in a way that it wraps around your feet. This guarantees a soft and comfortable touch when it comes in contact with the ball. The good thing about such material used here is that it is thinner compared to the others, thereby assuring you of its responsiveness.

Another nice thing about this soccer cleat is its impressive traction. It is mainly because of the well-textured soleplate integrated into it. You will also never complain about comfort because this Nike footwear provides that and more.

Puma Lightest Soccer Cleats

PUMA One 20.1 FG/AG Soccer Cleat (7.2 oz)

✔ The soft and comfortable yet durable material used
✔ Proven to be lightweight and breathable
✔ Assures users of an ergonomic fit
✔ Form-fitting, adding to its ability to offer comfort
✔ Does not require a long break-in period

✘ Prone to heel slippage, although this case is just rare or minor

PUMA One 20.1 FG/AG Soccer Cleat Review

You may also go for the lightweight soccer cleats or boot offered by PUMA. One of the best offerings of the brand in this category is the PUMA One 20.1 FG/AG Soccer Cleat. It carries numerous features that a lot of users and wearers find so rewarding. It features a highly flexible evoKNIT upper, which also has great lateral support.

Combine that with the brand’s reactive and lightweight outsole and its unique SPRINTWEB technology and all its users will surely be able to enjoy the rapid performance of this soccer cleat. The seamless technology used in creating this cleat paired with its knitted design also helps transform the footwear into something, which is truly breathable and lightweight.

It also guarantees to provide you with an ergonomic fit. In fact, you will be able to take advantage of the form-fitting comfort provided by the cleat. The soft and thin leather material used in creating the upper also does a pretty good job of further improving your comfort level.

The material is soft enough that it does not require a long break-in period. Despite the soft and lightweight nature of this PUMA soccer cleat, you still have a hundred percent assurance that it is strong and durable.

PUMA FUTURE 5.1 FG/AG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat (7.2 oz)

✔ Provides comfort when worn naturally
✔ Customized and secure feet provided by the implemented NETFIT technology
✔ Easy to put on
✔ Thin and comfortable yet highly sturdy kangaroo leather used in the instep and forefoot
✔ Assures users of a soft, padded touch

✘ Somewhat polarizing design

PUMA FUTURE 5.1 FG/AG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat  Review

Another pair of soccer cleats that is worthwhile to try is the PUMA FUTURE 5.1 FG/AG Firm Ground. I have to say that this is one of the most incredible soccer cleats that any soccer player should consider wearing on the field. One unique thing about this cleat is its single-piece engineered knit.

This specific feature is so good that it provides a natural second-skin that perfectly and closely fits your feet. Your comfort is also guaranteed with the NETFIT technology, which assures you of a more customized and comfortable yet secure fit.

Another positive advantage of this soccer cleat from PUMA is that you can easily put it on. It is mainly due to its stretchy evoKnit tongue as well as its collar, which nicely accommodates your feet. It makes use of kangaroo leather, which covers almost all parts of your instep and forefoot.

This leather material is thin and comfortable enough while remaining durable. Furthermore, it has thin lines beneath the material, providing the inner support cage you need. The knitted upper is also incredible in the sense that it comfortably stretches across your feet.

Mizuno Lightest Soccer Cleats

Mizuno Morelia Neo II (6.8 oz)

✔ Lightweight and soft while still retaining its durability
✔ Can tightly and securely lock your feet, thanks to its deep lacing system
✔ Improved sense of touch guaranteed
✔ Highly stable and flexible with the help of its graded sole plate
✔ Superior balance and foothold guaranteed

✘ Requires more time than usual to break in

Mizuno Morelia Neo II  Review

Many soccer players also recommend the Mizuno Morelia Neo II for several great reasons – one of which is the nice and secure fit that it continues to assure current and prospective users. It also provides adequate lightness when used on the pitch. This cleat is actually built in a way that can maximize your performance up to the end.

It is so lightweight in the sense that you will feel barefoot when you are using it on the field. This specific feeling is also a big help in enhancing your sense of touch, especially when coming in contact with the ball. It also has a well-graded soleplate, which is a big help in boosting its overall stability and flexibility.

Most users are also impressed with this cleat’s external heel counter as this promotes superiority in terms of balance and foothold. Another thing that makes this soccer cleat so impressive is its dynamic fit counter. This refers to the improved upper heel counter, which is proven to be soft and comfortable.

This specific footwear also makes use of the wave-fit lacing system. The specific feature is beneficial as it assures you that you can easily position the lace holes in a way that they are in a zigzag position. This assures you of a more customizable fit. Furthermore, it has a deep lacing system, which locks your feet tightly and securely.

Umbro Lightest Soccer Cleats

Umbro Accuro 3 Pro FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat (6.2 oz)

✔ Provides a luxurious and plush feel through its soft synthetic suede lining
✔ Offers complete control and comfort
✔ Offered at a very reasonable price
✔ Provides adequate room for a nice stretch
✔ Sturdy and durable built

✘ Some wearers find it too narrow.

Umbro Accuro 3 Pro FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat Review

In terms of having a light structure, the Umbro Accuro 3 Pro FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat does not also seem to disappoint. One reason why you should check out this Umbro soccer cleat is that it is designed in a way that you can control your soccer game. It is mainly because it combines comfort and control in just a single package.

The overall construction is impressive. It makes use of soft-knitted material, which mainly makes up the whole upper base. The soft synthetic suede material used in lining its heel area is also fantastic. It is because this assures users of a more luxurious, comfortable, and plush feel.

As for the price, I find it reasonable. It has plenty of nice features that buyers will surely get real value for the amount they initially spent on it. This soccer cleat also boasts of its soft ribbed upper. This somewhat assures you of a dampened and convenient touch.

The Memory Flex technology applied to this soccer cleat is also a big advantage. It is because this is what provides you with enough room so you can stretch every time you lock down your feet for striking through the laces.

New Balance Lightest Soccer Cleats

New Balance Furon v6 Pro FG (6.6 oz)

✔ Lightweight and flexible that it retains its shape
✔ Offers comfort with the help of its elastic knit collar
✔ Ergonomically structured
✔ Lower risk of slipping
✔ Guarantees a stable and secure footing all the time

✘ The sole plate is stiff at first but will eventually soften after breaking it in.

New Balance Furon v6 Pro FG Review

If you are searching for the lightest soccer cleat or boot from New Balance then the Furon v6 Pro FG will not let you down. It has several advanced features that will let you stay on top each time you play soccer. The lightweight and flexible built of the Furon v6 Pro FG is one of its most fantastic qualities.

It is made possible by the FIT WEAVE stretch upper, which is light and flexible enough that it ensures that it can retain its shape regardless of how intense the game is. It also assures you of an amazing sock-fit lockdown feel. The kind of comfort it offers is also impressive, thanks to its elastic knit collar.

Combine that with the cleat’s hyper-lock tuned lacing system and you will surely get the kind of comfort you are hoping for. It has an ergonomic structure, which makes you feel at your best each time you wear it.

The soccer cleat also features multi-direction studs that guarantee the most impressive acceleration and braking when planted on firm ground. Another incredible feature integrated here is the infiniGRIP insert, which helps lessen the risk of slipping. This guarantees your stability and a more secure footing.

Lightest Women’s Soccer Cleats

PUMA One 5.1 Women’s FG/AG (7.2 oz)

✔ Combined lightness and stability integrated into its structure
✔ Boasts of a well-engineered upper
✔ Uses a customizable lacing system to personalize support and fit even further
✔ Secure fit and feel guaranteed
✔ Can maximize your speed with the support it offers

✘ Needs a somewhat long break-in period

PUMA One 5.1 Women's FG/AG Review

If what you are looking for is the lightest pair of women’s soccer cleats then the PUMA One 5.1 FG/AG is your best choice. One thing that makes this cleat so impressive is the combination of lightweight and stable structure that assures wearers that they will always have full control over the field.

It has a well-engineered upper with a smooth K leather material integrated at vital impact zones. You will also love the customizable lacing system integrated into this pair of women’s cleats. What is so great about this customizable system is that it assures you of more personalized support and fit.

Another nice feature is the engineered knit sock collar, called the evoKNIT, which promotes the flexibility of ankle movements. The presence of this feature is beneficial as it results in the most convenient and secure fit and feel.

This soccer cleat is also designed in such a way that it can maximize your speed when on the field with the help of its highly reactive outsole, which is light enough while having enough stud configuration. Furthermore, it utilizes a light woven material called SPRINTWEB, which offers lateral stability and support.

Lightest Soccer Cleats FAQ

If you’re still deciding about the lightest soccer cleats for you, check out this list of frequently asked questions.

How much do soccer cleats weigh on average?

As mentioned a while ago, the weight of a soccer cleat is an important factor in making your choice. It is because this can affect your agility and speed. To give you an idea, the previous versions of soccer cleats made several years ago weighed around 9.5 ounces. The recent versions changed because they now weigh almost 8 ounces on average. These are lighter than the previous cleats, making them more effective when used on the field.

What are the lightest soccer cleats in the world?

The lightest soccer cleats in the world refer to speed cleats often constructed out of lightweight and thin synthetic materials. Trusted and huge brands seem to be offering this kind of cleats. Among them are Nike, PUMA, and Adidas that continuously create light soccer cleats designed to boost your agility and speed. The lightest ones seem to be those that let you move without making you feel like you are wearing any footwear at all.

What is New Balance’s lightest soccer cleats?

One of the lightest soccer cleats from New Balance is the Furon v6 Pro FG, which was reviewed in this article. Weighing only around 6.6 ounces, you will not worry about experiencing extreme discomfort when playing in the field. It is as if you are not wearing a pair of cleats at all, giving you the chance to move around freely.

How much do the lightest soccer cleats weigh?

If you are looking for the lightest soccer cleats then note that the weight that you should be looking for is around 6 to 8 ounces. Cleats with such weight can surely make moving and doing your soccer techniques much more convenient.

How to size soccer cleats for wide feet?

Finding the right soccer cleats may be somewhat challenging if you have wide feet. The first thing you have to do, in this case, is to confirm whether you indeed have a wide foot. To ensure that you are getting the right size, one rule to keep in mind is to avoid forcing it if it seems to be not the correct shape or size.

Instead of going a size up, like others do, consider picking another model that suits you properly. The length should not be too big just to accommodate your feet’s width. The same rule should be applied if you are shopping for soccer cleats for kids with wide feet. Make sure that the child wearing it will not feel uncomfortable at all.

What is the lightest and most comfortable soccer cleat for the midfielder?

If you are a midfielder then be aware that your position requires you to have more than enough ball control. With that in mind, the lightest and most comfortable soccer cleat for you is probably that which offers superior traction and the best feel and touch.

If you are a center midfielder then it is necessary to pick one, which has more than enough speed and incredible traction and touch. It should be extremely comfortable, allowing you to move upwards and downwards and do your tasks confidently and conveniently, especially those that involve defense and scoring.

What is the lightest Kangaroo leather soccer cleats?

With the proven benefits of Kangaroo leather in boosting the level of comfort and guaranteeing the lightness of a soccer cleat, it is no longer surprising to see some brands using this in manufacturing their footwear. One of the lightest Kangaroo leather soccer cleats at present is the Mizuno Morelia Neo II.

What is incredible about this specific material used in creating this footwear is that it is technologically advanced. It only weighs around 6.8 ounces, making it truly the most lightweight leather soccer cleat you can find today.

What is the lightest budget soccer cleats?

When searching for the lightest soccer cleats that are budget-friendly, you should never stay away from those brands that already earned great reviews and positive feedback from the public. Among those that carry the lightest budget soccer cleats in their product lines are New Balance, Adidas, PUMA, and Nike.


Searching for the lightest soccer cleats does not have to be too overwhelming and confusing. Armed with the right amount of information and an extensive guide, such as the one we are providing you, you will have a much better chance of finding a cleat that will not let you down once you start playing your beloved game, soccer.

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