Nike Ordem Balls Review

To boot, a rapidly increasing number of people are getting hooked in soccer or football at present. And, it cannot be denied that in the world of global games, match, league, and sports, it is one of the very few brands that is highly trusted by athletes, players, game enthusiasts and all people of different walks in life.

Would you like to discover more about the premium quality product designed by this great company and what makes these products the top option for many different football competitions around the world? Then, you may start by checking out the Nike Ordem Balls match balls reviews.

What is the Nike Ordem Balls made out of?

This football is primarily designed with white, blue and black surfaces and some light green lines that are drawn in to increase fast sighting. 

This type of match ball is made with radar technology to make the ball guarantee more visibility while playing. They also come with perfect sphericity that enables players to enjoy more precise and faster moves, help enhance free kicks and remarkably improve remote distance shots.

This type of match ball is designed with features where players could count on their visual more frequently since they are aware that this ball would sail straight and direct to where they target.

Nike Ordem 5 
(Premier League Official Match Ball 2017 – 2018)

✔ Distorted Motion Graphic flickers allow players to spot the ball instantly
✔ Wrapped bladder provides a more excellent bounce, touch, and impeccably round shape
✔ Geometric accuracy fairly allocates pressure to allow more powerful and precise strikes
✔ Micro-textured surface offers outstanding grip on the ball
✔ Aerowtrac grooves greatly assist in securing the ball’s flight

✘ May not last long if utilized on concrete surfaces
✘ Sold at a premium cost

Nike Ordem 5

These Nike boots are known for their complete flight control and a more enhanced touch feature. They are designed with the latest bladder that allows them to provide the matchless feel, response, and touch. This is an ideal pick that assists players to run after the ball by simply flashing as it maneuvers. These are favorite picks for premier leagues.

Nike Ordem 4
(Premier League Official Match Ball 2016 – 2017)

✔ Allows for a superior sensitive feel and speedy response at the onset of a kick
✔ Guarantees a more steady fixed airflow that ensures more secure, safer, and sleeker flight way
✔ Allows for more exceptional grip and stability
✔ Come in a range of distinct sizes from 1 to 5
✔ Impressive color, graphic, and design makes it easy to sight during a flight from remote distances

✘ Appears slightly heavy due to its sturdy weight
✘ A lot of replicas/counterfeits available on the market

Nike Ordem 4

This ball is designed with AerowTrac Grooves built with a particular style intended to provide inflight superiority and 3D Ink to come up with touch texture and offer a more confident control of the ball. Moreover, it activates visual power and high contrast for speedy spotting and decision-making.

Match ball of this type are FIFA certified for professionals and designed with 12 Panel Fuse-Welded Synthetic Leather casing providing players with the greatest control in all conditions.

How to spot a fake Nike Ordem 4

A lot of people were facing issues the buy an original in a good price and condition, we are going to explain how to spot a fake one with a tips & video.

Extra Tip

An authentic one comes with luring 3-dimensional graphics that can be spotted instantly during remote distances or flight off.
The art and graphics come with a unique ink that elevates the texture of the ball; hence, enabling players to enjoy more stability and a more solid grip during official match.
A counterfeit one does not come with Aerowtrac tech that works like a charm for the landing points and long passes. Additionally, there must be some grooves that are enclosed into the solid hard exterior casing.

Nike Ordem 3
(Premier League Official 2015 – 2016)

✔ Synthetic Leather Casing to allow flawless feel and guarantee more response sensitivity
✔ Designed with a black cage to offer contrast, easy to sight in flight in stadiums since it is built with bright crimson red to allow more brilliance
✔ Equipped with RaDaR Visual Technology
✔ Made with AerowTrac Grooves (globally patented) that is specifically meant to guarantee inflight superiority
✔ Manufactured with Carbon Latex Bladder

✘ Air valve tends to lose air quite instantly than expected
✘ Appears to have strange lumps and bladder lines observed across the surface

Nike Ordem 3

This model is considered as one of the most valuable soccer balls that players ever played with. It is built with color splattering on every half of the ball and this was matched up radiantly with a white base that is distinctively secured underneath all-over black webbing that surrounds the ball.

As compared to other versions, this one is recognized to have a more cushioned feel when players blast it on the sweet spot. It can also ensure a more excellent flight path, more exceptional control and a more A1 drop test. This made them one of the top picks for Serie A.

Nike Ordem 2
(Premier League Official 2014 – 2015)

✔ Twelve-panel fuse-welded synthetic leather casing that maximizes more responsive feel and response to keep track of various conditions while playing
✔ Comes with FIFA quality approved stamp
✔ Equipped with premium quality Micro-textured PU airflow channels
✔ Built with RaDaR Graphics Technology to enable peerless contrast, illumination, flicker effect for faster spotting and quick action
✔ Comes with AerowTrac Grooves built in a certain pattern to successfully sustain inflight superiority

✘ Loses generous amount of air that you could clearly hear the bladder hitting the sidewalls of the ball
✘ Appears lumpy and comes with pentagon shapes that do not make for a very round ball

Nike Ordem 2

This is quite popular for being touted as six years in the making. It is renowned for being the world’s one-of-a-kind fuse-welded football that comes with globally patented AerowTrac Grooves to specifically allow for a more heightened level of aerodynamic superiority.

It is designed with the capability to take the most responsive of commands from athletes for flexible initial touches to very impressive, vigorous shots, there is no other football that could offer a very extraordinary play experience and feel than this model.

Premier League Official Nike Balls Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this football all about?

This pertains to the most technologically-advanced, ingenious and aerodynamic football that has ever been manufactured and designed. It is worth noting that this ball is made to dish out perfect flight, complete flight control and a more improved touch. Many professional players request a match ball like this  because of their superb performance.

It is particularly developed to travel in the most straight and direct line so players would often have a soccer ball that acts successfully as what it was designed for. In short, it makes use of the most avant-garde technology to manufacture a ball that is way better than the previous models.         

How to tell if it is real?

You could easily spot whether the product is real or not by carefully inspecting if it is designed with the twelve-panel fuse-welded ball where the seams are melted together. Moreover, there must be a 3-layer casing system that acts as effective and complete shields to a poly-blend encased, free-hovering carbon latex bladder.

Also, there must be the presence of fused panels that are intended to provide users a maximum responsive feel and quick action off the foot.


By and large, through simply exploring the reviews discussed, Nike Ordem match balls Review you probably obtain some valuable information with regards to what makes these ordem quite standout from other football options designed by other brands and what makes them more renowned in la liga. 

With state-of-the-art design, the finest quality materials used for manufacturing it, and their unique and exquisite features, it is not surprising why the use of these ordem by Nike can make a huge difference in the manner you play the game.

While it is true that they come with a costly price than other competitors, you could absolutely witness how durable, practical and outstanding these are in serving their purpose.

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