Best Soccer Goalie Knee Pads

Soccer is a sport that is beloved the world over. It’s not just evident whenever the World Cup comes rolling around every four years. That’s definitely the pinnacle of pandemonium for the sport. However, there are various leagues showcasing the varying skill levels and talents of different soccer players that are in full force year-round. If you’re looking to take up this sport as a new hobby or if you have a kid who’s looking to get started on this athletic endeavor, there are certain pieces of equipment that you need before you can get started. 

Of all the players on the field, the one position that you will see who has the most gear is the goalie. Sure, they wear the same jerseys, shorts, and shoes that all the other soccer players have. Although, due to the nature of their position, they are also forced to wear gloves and extra pads on their knees and elbows. Choosing such equipment is important in ensuring that you are safe and well-equipped to take on the tasks of being the team goalie. This is why you need to pay greater attention to selecting proper equipment like soccer goalie knee pads. And this is exactly what this article is going to help you out with.

 Best Soccer Goalie Knee Pads Comparison Table

PictureNameOveral RatingReviewsPrice
POWERLIX Knee Compression Sleeve Review1. POWERLIX Knee Compression Sleeve
★★★★★ (5)17,356Check Price
Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve Review2. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve

★★★★★ (5)6,929Check Price
McDavid Hex Knee Pads Compression Leg Sleeve Review3. McDavid Hex Knee Pads Compression Leg Sleeve

★★★★ ★(5)5,819Check Price
McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads Review4. McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads
★★★★★ (5)1,826Check Price
ASICS Unisex Ace Low Profile Review5. ASICS Unisex Ace Low Profile
★★★★★ (5)903Check Price
Nike Streak Knee pad Review6. Nike Streak Kneepad
★★★★ (4.5)665Check Price
Mizuno T10 Plus Knee pad Review7. Mizuno T10 Plus Kneepad
★★★★ (4.5)540Check Price
Adidas 5-Inch Knee Pad Review8. Adidas 5-Inch Knee Pad

★★★★ (4.5)166Check Price

What are Soccer Goalie Knee Pads and Why are They Necessary?

Before we can talk about whether knee pads are necessary for goalies, we have to first discuss what goalies are in soccer and what type of movements they perform on the field. To put it simply, the goalie is the player that differs from all the others on the field because they are allowed to use their hands all throughout the match. Also, unlike all of the other players in the match, goalies are usually just designated to a few square feet of playing space in close proximity to the goal. Hence, their name.

This is because the primary job of the goalie is to prevent the ball from going through their assigned net. Whether it be through the force of an opponent’s kick or an inadvertent mishap by their own teammates’, goalies always have to make sure that the ball never goes through their posts.

To achieve this, the goalie must resort to a variety of movements such as running, lunging, jumping, catching, and reaching. Sometimes, a goalie has to contort their body awkwardly in order to save a goal. Knee pads help offer support for explosive movements like leaps and jumps. At the same time, they provide a layer of protection against awkward landings and lunges.

Best Soccer Goalie Knee Pads Reviews

POWERLIX Knee Compression Sleeve

✔ Reasonably priced
✔ Offers great warmth and support
✔ Has sleek modern design
✔ Comes in different sizes

✘ Not as padded or cushioned as other competing products

POWERLIX Knee Compression Sleeve Review

The reason why the PowerLix Knee brace is so effective is that it provides ample pressure all across the knee joint to promote further support and stability. It’s a product that specializes in injury prevention because it’s primarily designed to protect the knee from any unwarranted stress. It also helps improve blood circulation, oxygen delivery, and muscle recovery.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve

✔ Affordable
✔ Durable
✔ Clean design
✔ Different Sizes

✘ Some users have reported issues with discomfort
✘ Some users have reported that they don’t provide enough protection

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve Review

The best thing about the Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad is that it provides a generous amount of support and protection without taking up too much real estate. This makes it the ideal knee pad for those who want the functionality of knee pads without having their whole legs being covered up. Also, they come in different sizes to ensure proper fit and comfort for the wearer.

McDavid Hex Knee Pads Compression Leg Sleeve

✔ More support and cushioning
✔ Durable
✔ Modern minimalist design

✘ Expensive
✘ Some users have reported the sleeves being too tight

McDavid Hex Knee Pads Compression Leg Sleeve Review

This item is another offering from the famed McDavid brand that also boasts of its patented Hex Technology. So, you are assured of a product that will provide you with great support and cushioned protection as you perform. On top of that, this knee pad is designed to be a leg sleeve. So there is a greater surface area of the leg extending beyond the knee cap that is being provided with support and protection. 

McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads

✔ Adequate cushioning
✔ Excellent support
✔ Durable

✘ Expensive
✘ Some users have complained of sizing issues

McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads Review

McDavid has been known to be one of the premium brands in the athletic joint support industry. This particular knee pad offering of theirs showcases their patented Hex Technology that is designed to promote impact absorption and shock resistance. The pads are also equipped with hDc Moisture Management which is designed to maintain dry and cool performance all throughout your game. 

ASICS Unisex Ace Low Profile

✔ Affordable
✔ Small low-profile design
✔ Provides adequate padding

✘ Not many sizing options

ASICS Unisex Ace Low Profile Review

This particular knee pad from Asics is as low profile as you can get. It only spans 6” and that makes it perfect for people who want to concentrate support and cushioning towards just the knee joint. It’s also equipped with an anti-microbial fabric to fight off bad odor. The pads in themselves have dual-density foam that provide great protection and added warmth for the joint to promote proper blood circulation. 

Nike Streak Knee pad

✔ Adequate cushioning
Dri-fit moisture-wicking material
✔ Comfortable

✘ Expensive
✘ Some users have complained about sizing issues

Nike Streak Knee pad Review

While this might typically be branded as a knee pad for volleyball players, it still provides the same kind of functionality and support for soccer goalies as well. The Nike Streak Kneepad is great for soccer players who are looking for a little more cushioning and protection for the kneecap. The knee pad in itself offers generous cushioning with a shock-absorbing foam. On top of that, the pad is equipped with abrasion-resistant lining so that you never have to experience any discomfort in the knee area while you’re wearing it.

Mizuno T10 Plus Knee pad 

✔ Affordable
✔ Comes in different colors
✔ Provides adequate joint protection

✘ Not many sizing options
✘ Plain boring design

Mizuno T10 Plus Knee pad Review

The Mizuno T10 Plus kneepad offers the most protection and coverage for the knee joints in the entire Mizuno line. They are designed to protect the knee from any damaging crashes or collisions to ensure that the wearer stays injury-free and pain-free at all times.

Adidas 5-Inch Knee Pad

✔ Adequate cushioning
✔ Moisture-wicking material
✔ Durable

✘ Expensive

Adidas 5-Inch Knee Pad Review

This knee pad from Adidas is also marketed as one that’s for volleyball players. However, soccer goalies can still stand to benefit from the generous EVA foam padding that will protect the knee joint from collisions and crashes. Also, the pad is equipped with Adidas’s Climalite material that wicks moisture to help keep you dry and light as you play. 

How to Choose the Right Soccer Goalie Knee Pads

Now, you might already be familiar with what knee pads are and why they are necessary. However, before you can get the chance to actually choose your desired knee pads, you have to know how to go about doing so properly. Not all knee pads that are available on the market are created equally. And there is no such thing as the best knee pad for everyone in the world to use. It’s all a matter of preference and priority. Every soccer player has different needs depending on their playing style and physical construction. So, here are just a few things that you might want to keep in mind when choosing the right soccer goalie knee pad for you. 


Right off the bat, you have to take a look at the price of a knee pad. Keep in mind that expensive doesn’t always necessarily mean better. Conversely, cheaper price points don’t also necessarily mean that they’re worse. It’s all about getting your bang for buck. There are some knee pads out there that might be more expensive because of some added features. However, these added features might not necessarily be useful or appealing to you. So, that means that these expensive knee pads won’t be the better option for you to have. 


Then, you always want a knee pad that offers proper comfort for the wearer. When you’re playing soccer, you don’t want any additional distractions that keep you from performing on the field in an optimal manner. Anything that you wear on the field should be an extension of your person. If the knee pad is uncomfortable, then that might compromise your performance and experience on the field.

Knee Support and Protection

Next, you have to consider the functionality of the knee pad. Keep in mind that the knee pad isn’t just there for aesthetic reasons. The knee pad is supposed to serve a practical purpose. For one, it’s supposed to provide added support and stability to your knee joint for when you perform explosive movements. Also, it’s supposed to add a layer of protection and security for when you place your body in compromising situations such as collisions and awkward landings. 


Another factor that you want to take into consideration is the durability of the product. When you don’t have a lot of cash to burn, then you certainly don’t want to be investing in a knee pad that you will only have to replace every few uses or so. You want to maximize any product as much as you can. Ideally, you want a knee pad that will last you for at least half a year with consistent usage. Some knee pads will stretch out and lose their elasticity over time from normal wear and tear. They might even lose some of their cushioning on the front parts. When that happens, they won’t be as supportive and as protective anymore. 

Sizing and Design

Lastly, you also want to consider sizing and design options from a particular knee pad. There are some brands that manufacture certain knee pads that only have one size. This may not be ideal for those who are really looking for that perfect individual fit. There are also other brands that offer their products in a variety of sizes that cater to different people. Ideally, you want a knee pad that offers the right amount of support without being too constricting. If you have a knee pad that is too tight, it might end up restricting the blood flow in your body.

Also, another aspect of the design portion is the actual aesthetic of the knee pad. Can you get it in different colors? Is it made out of quality materials? Is it well-designed and manufactured? All of these components go into the design of a knee pad. 


At the end of the day, you are always going to have your myriad of choices. There are definitely a lot of manufacturers out there who are competing for market share with the knee pads that they produce. The sports industry is one of the biggest and most competitive markets in the world. So, what ends up happening is that a lot of the consumers end up getting really confused about what products they should be buying and picking up. Not to worry, that’s why there are articles like these that are designed to help you out.

Hopefully, you will have gained some valuable insight, not just into what the best knee pads are available out there are, but also into how you should be going about choosing the ideal soccer goalie knee pads. As an athlete, you should always prioritize the athletic components of your skill set. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be paying attention to all of the gear that is designed to help you perform optimally. It’s this kind of attention to detail that really separates the good athletes from the great ones.

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