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8 Best Squash Shoes Reviewed in 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

best squash shoes reviews

Squash refers to a highly intense sport. If you play squash regularly then you are probably aware that it requires a certain type of footwear to guarantee your safety. You need the best squash shoes as this can help improve your power and athletic or sports performance while keeping you protected from injuries.

The right squash trainers or shoes is specifically designed to handle the stress, intensity and pressure linked to playing squash. It has most of the features required for this type of footwear products, including lateral stability, cushioned sole, locked-in fit, and a good traction. With the best squash trainers, you have a higher chance of enjoying a successful match.

Best Squash Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductOveral ReviewBuy
Prince T22 Mid Tennis Shoe Review

Prince T22 Mid Tennis Shoe

★★★★★Prince T22 Mid Tennis Shoe Buy
ASICS Gel Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe ReviewASICS Gel Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe★★★★★ASICS Gel Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe Buy
Salming Kobra Shoe ReviewSalming Kobra Shoe★★★★★Salming Kobra Shoe Buy
Fashiontown Non-slip Badminton, Tennis, Racquetball Shoes ReviewFashiontown Non-slip Badminton, Tennis, Racquetball Shoes★★★★★Fashiontown Non-slip Badminton, Tennis, Racquetball Shoes Buy
Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoes ReviewNike Court Lite Tennis Shoes★★★★★Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoes Buy
Adidas Barricade Men’s Tennis Shoe ReviewAdidas Barricade Men’s Tennis Shoe★★★★★Adidas Barricade Men’s Tennis Shoe Buy
HEAD Sonic 2000 Men’s MID Indoor Court Shoe ReviewHEAD Sonic 2000 Men’s MID Indoor Court Shoe★★★★★HEAD Sonic 2000 Men’s MID Indoor Court Shoe Buy
ASICS Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoe ReviewASICS Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoe★★★★ASICS Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoe Buy

What are the Best Squash Shoes?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, knowing what are the best squash shoes can make a difference in your overall performance. The best one supports your movement around the court and ensures that you showcase your power and skill. It is a vital component of your overall squash equipment as it also gives your feet the ultimate protection.

Also, you know that you are getting the best if the new one you picked up is non-marking. This means that it does not leave any mark while you are in the squash court. The presence of all these positive qualities can help ensure that you will be having great footwear and easy movements while in the court.

Such places a major role in winning each game. Aside from delivering a much better performance while playing squash, it can also prevent possible injuries no matter how intense each session is. Read more about Best Shoes for Pickleball guide.

Factors to Consider in Picking the Best Squash Shoes

Do you want to make sure that you are investing in the best squash court shoes guaranteed to make you deliver your best performance and maximize your power and skills in the court? Then ensure that you choose from the most trusted brands. You should also shop in the most reliable marketplaces, like Amazon.

Also, make it a point to consider the following factors and things as these are the key points in determining the best brands and models of squash shoes successfully:

  • Comfort: Should be on top of the factors you have to prioritize when searching for a new and reliable pair of squash shoes. These footwear products should be comfortable enough in the sense that they are of the correct size and fit you well while letting your feet breathe.

    Without breathability that promotes a comfortable experience while on the court, your entire performance will be drastically affected, resulting in injury. To determine which one can offer the highest level of comfort, spend time assessing the primary materials used in creating the squash shoe.

    Note that the materials can contribute on how comfortable and soft these products will be once they touch your skin. Another sign that the shoe is comfortable enough is when it does not cause any form of rubbing or friction. Make sure that you are also wearing the right pair of socks. The socks should be comfortable in a way that they do not cause blisters to form.

  • Weight: The weight of the shoe should also play a pivotal role on your final purchase. It is because the total weight contributes a lot on how comfortable it will feel once you wear it.

    If it is too heavy, it is greatly possible for it to stand in your way each time you move or try to deliver a good performance in the court. If possible, try on a number of these products personally when shopping. Assess how lightweight they feel. Try to walk around while wearing it for a bit. This is helpful in figuring out whether you can handle the weight or if it is already too much.

    Also, find out whether the cushioning is excessive as this case might also cause the shoe to become heavier at times. Your goal here is to find lightweight squash shoes that can positively influence your sports performance.

  • Breathability: Make sure that your chosen pair of squash shoe is breathable too. Note that nothing can cause more discomfort than wearing footwear that is sweaty and wet inside. Your new shoe should be breathable enough in the sense that it allows your feet to breathe while playing.

    Note that your feet will move a lot when playing squash. These intense and multiple movements can produce a significant amount of heat, which you will most likely feel inside your shoe if it lacks breathability.

    That said, check whether your shoe has adequate room to breathe. It should be through having proper ventilation or fresh air circulation. The shoe should feature breathing panels so you will not deal with the discomfort of heat and sweat.

    With excessive heat and sweat, bacteria might develop, causing bacterial or fungal infections as well as foul odours. With that, breathable panels are helpful as they provide proper ventilation and promote breathability.

    If possible, these panels should be in areas where there is a frequent buildup of heat, including the side panels, upper foot, and toe box. In this case, it would be best to go for those footwear products that feature perforated uppers or mesh panels.

    There should also be a moisture-wicking lining, which is helpful in preventing the buildup of sweat in your feet. With that, your feet will stay cool and dry no matter how long you play squash, thereby guaranteeing your comfort.

  • Durability: Another important point that you should take into complete consideration is the shoe’s overall power and durability. Take note that how durable the footwear will be is actually dependent on how often you wear and use it every week and how intense you are using it.

    Some actually have a misconception that a normal pair of sneakers is already enough to play squash. The truth is squash is a highly intense sport, making it truly necessary to find a pair, which is sturdy and durable so it can endure all the challenges associated with the match.

    With a durable pair of women’s or men’s squash shoes, it is possible for it to serve its purpose for a long time with a lower risk of damage. It should be able to handle the huge amount of stress and pressure while on the court. It should also be supportive and flexible and have the ability to resist shock.

    The materials used in its overall construction should be sturdy enough in the sense that they do not overstretch nor degrade no matter how intense the game is.

  • Grip: Do not forget to check the amount of grip provided by a specific footwear when shopping for a new and high-quality squash shoe, too. Note that high grip squash shoes can determine whether your feet will stay on the ground or slide away. A strong and firm grip is essential because it helps strengthen your movements while on the court.

    In addition, a good grip is also helpful in taking firm and stable steps. This factor is also important, especially if you are shopping for squash shoes for bad knees or wide feet. It is because having enough grip can support the requirements of those who have bad knees or wide feet, thereby reducing their chances of getting injured.

    You know that the shoe grips well if it is on the right size, allowing you to engage the surface regardless of the direction or position you have. The amount of grip you need is actually dependent on how intense your movements are as well as the direction of your movements.

    In the case of squash, remind yourself that the sport requires sudden movements. With that in mind, make sure that your chosen squash court shoes do not lack in multidirectional grip as this might lead to slippage.

  • Ability to absorb impact: The shoe also needs to be able to absorb shock and impact. Remember that you will be playing an intense and power-filled sport so expect sudden impact and movements. That said, it is crucial to give your feet special protection by choosing the right pair of shoes.

    Your goal is to find a shock- and impact-absorbent shoe so your feet will not get hurt nor affected in the process of playing the intense sport. It should also be able to give you all-around protection. This kind of protection should be present whether you are shopping for the perfect squash shoes for wide feet or for any other special need.

  • Ankle support: It is also necessary to check if the shoe can provide the highest level of ankle support. In case you have ankles that are larger than most people, then the best footwear for you is that which is not excessively snug. Note that a shoe, which is extremely snug on the ankles can cause major problems, especially when this situation causes your ankles to swell.

    On the other hand, if you have skinny ankles then ensure that the shoe is not too large on that area. It is because this might cause the footwear to loosen up or slip off. It can also cause discomfort and increase your risk of falling, especially if it starts sliding up and down. You can prevent all these issues by wearing a pair, which is supportive enough, especially on your ankle.

By taking time to check the factors mentioned in this section, shopping for the most suitable pair of men’s or ladies squash shoes for you will be easier. It will be even more convenient to shop for a new one in online marketplaces, like Amazon.

Best Squash Shoes Reviews

Prince T22 Mid Tennis Shoe

What is it Best For?
Ideal for any tennis player and those who are interested in playing intense sports, like squash.

Because of the incredible ankle support and stability it offers to its wearers.

If you are shopping for Prince squash shoes because you are fully aware of how reliable this brand is then the Prince T22 Mid Shoe for men is perfect for you. Just like what is indicated in its name, it is primarily a tennis shoe but because of how supportive, comfortable, and durable it is, it also works well for sports as intense as squash.

One thing that catches the attention of many regarding this footwear is its color and design. It has an eye-catching and striking design, which can make you feel and look good while on the court. The colors used in this shoe also look great. Considering its stylish look, it can surely boost your confidence when playing the game.

It is one of the most supportive and stable shoes you can find in the market today. In fact, it works well for any player or athlete who wishes to invest in a pair of footwear with incredible ankle support. It is lightweight enough and it fits well. Just make sure that you get an accurate measurement of the size of your feet.

Another thing that makes the T22 Mid impressive is its ventilation. It makes use of mesh in its upper and toe box, promoting proper ventilation and enough breathability. With that, there is a guarantee of comfort no matter how hot the weather is. Furthermore, it does not compromise its durability and ability to offer support in place of comfort.

It even comes with a TPU forefoot strap, which locks your feet securely, thereby promoting a high level of forefoot stability and support. It also features a TPU shank, which promotes the stability of your feet when making lateral movements. Some say that the cost of this shoe is higher than the others, though.

ASICS Gel Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

What is it Best For?
Ideal for those who play volleyball and squash as well as athletes with wide feet.

Because of its lightness, support, and GEL cushioning, which is impact- and shock-absorbent.

Anyone who is interested in investing in an ASICS squash shoe can also benefit from the brand’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe. It is mainly meant for volleyball players but it also works as one of those squash shoes for beginners and advanced players that speak of quality.

What is so great about the Gel-Rocket 8 from ASICS is that it is lightweight without sacrificing its stability. This means that you can never experience the feeling of wearing a heavy footwear that might have a negative impact on your performance and make you clumsier on the court.

This footwear is manufactured in a way that it can help you stand out while playing in the court. It also showcases an impressive traction. Another highlight of this shoe is the Truss Tic system technology, which it uses in significantly reducing the outsole’s weight. Even with its lightness, it was still able to retain all its positive support qualities, including the integrity and stability of the shoe’s structure.

It is also meant to support the needs of those who have wide feet. ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 is also popular for its GEL cushioning. It has a well-cushioned forefoot based on a GEL pad made in a way that it can absorb impact and shock. It also works in distributing the impact to a bigger part of your feet, which is helpful in avoiding joint pain and fatigue.

This unique cushioning is, therefore, a great feature integrated into the shoe, especially if you often feel the intensity of the squash sport on your ankles, back, and feet. However, some say that it is not as flexible as the others and seems to be lacking in arch support.

Salming Kobra Shoe

What is it Best For?
Perfect for intense sports like squash as well as other activities, whether indoor or outdoors, that require some sort of protection for the feet, such as running.

Because of its stability and impact- and shock-resistant nature. The cushioning, which supports your movements and offers comfort, also makes it ideal for such intense sports.

Salming Kobra Shoe Review

Another squash shoe that is worthwhile to invest in is the Salming Kobra, which is currently available at Amazon. One of the things that is so impressive about this footwear is its ability to guarantee a stable and firm positioning for the players through the fabric and mesh combination. It is also one of the most breathable and well-ventilated shoes for intense sports, like squash.

This Salming Kobra shoe is a flexible footwear, which is great if you want to manage your game play well no matter how rigorous and fast-paced squash is. With the perforated and mesh-like material used in the upper, which also comes with an exoskeleton for additional support, there is a guarantee that you will enjoy a snug fit afterwards.

You will also love the leather toe overlay with a toe guard made of rubber integrated into it. This makes the footwear long-lasting as this can ensure that it will have an even wear and tear in all parts and areas. The inner part of the shoe’s sole also boasts of its amazing stabilizing technology. It has a Rollbar, which promotes ease of push-off while preventing excessive torsion.

Meanwhile, the outer sole utilizes the lateral movement stabilizer band, which makes it possible for your ankles to roll outwards when necessary. This movement can save you from potential injuries. It also has adequate cushioning for comfort. This cushion allows you to play longer as it prevents fatigue while being shock-absorbent.

It is lightweight but rest assured that it can still offer enough stability to give you the greatest experience when playing your favorite intense sports. In addition, it is sturdy plus it is capable of working with all indoor surfaces. However, you may notice that this shoe is quite clunky but only during the first few uses.

Fashiontown Non-slip Badminton, Tennis, Racquetball Shoes

What is it Best For?
Compatible with different kinds of indoor and intense sports, like squash, volleyball, racquetball, pickle ball, tennis, and badminton.

Because it is made to be stable, supportive, and durable. Furthermore, it is comfortable and breathable enough to handle just any kind of sports.

Another footwear, which is highly recommended for those looking for a durable and reliable pair of squash shoe is this non-slip badminton, tennis, and racquetball sneaker from Fashion town. It is a flexible and versatile pair of shoe considering the fact that you can use it to play a number of intense yet fun sports and activities, including badminton, tennis, racquetball, squash, and running.

One remarkable trait of this pair of shoe is that it is stylish. It is actually built for style without forgetting its stability and its ability to resist a number of things that might put the wearer’s feet in danger. It boasts of rubber sole, which is known for supplying the kind of stability required by your forefoot and toe.

This squash shoe is also constructed in a way that it can cushion your ankle for comfort while also protecting it from possible injuries. It also has the right width, providing just enough space for your feet to feel comfortable. Aside from giving you comfort, the shoe’s soft inner cushioning also works in offering extra support on your feet.

Another nice and positive trait delivered by this squash shoe is its breathability. It features breathable mesh holes that can manage sweat inside the shoe. It is mainly because of the built-in breathable mesh holes that work in lessening moisture while increasing the lifespan of the shoe.

Another positive benefit of this footwear is that it can resist twists and turns. It is wear-resistant, too, proving its ability to last for several years. However, some users find the heel a bit too high for their liking.

Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoes

What is it Best For?
Best for tennis and squash players who want a shoe, which is comfortable and protective enough and promotes ease of movements.

Because of its low arch and non-marking sole that guarantees quick and easy movements.

Another pair of shoe that most squash players recommend is the Court Lite Tennis Shoe from one of the most reputable brands, Nike. One distinctive quality of the shoe is its durability brought on by the combined mesh and leather upper. Both materials are impressive because aside from being strong and durable, they are also comfortable enough.

This shoe also takes pride in its Phylon midsole, which further improves its durability and comfort while enhancing its stability at the same time. Another great thing about this shoe is its GDR outsole, which is known for providing long-lasting traction, especially when used in hard-court surfaces.

This pair of shoe also meets the requirements of most users who are looking for a lightweight footwear. It is because the materials combined in constructing it makes it lightweight. Moreover, it is beneficial in the sense that its midsole can offer adequate underfoot cushion and comfort.

The shoe is built to be low to the ground, which is beneficial as it supports quick movements on the court. Another nice feature is the herringbone tread pattern combined with the non-marking sole, which also helps you move with ease.

There is also an additional layer at the toe, which works in resisting abrasion, ensuring that the shoe will last long. One issue, though, is that it is not as sleek and stylish as the other sports shoes presently in the market.

Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe

What is It Best For?
Perfect for those who love to play tennis, squash, and other intense and rigorous sports.

Because it is solid and strong plus it can handle a lot of movements and withstand rigorous activities.

The Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe also makes an incredible choice for squash players who wish to wear a shoe that can serve as their solid companion in the court whether it is an indoor or outdoor setting.

One thing that is so great about the Adidas Barricade is that it has a chassis, which is supportive and stable enough. Expect your mid-foot to enjoy this stability and support, which plays a huge role in taking advantage of additional freedom while on the indoor or outdoor court.

You will also surely enjoy its flexibility, especially at the forefoot. Another remarkable feature that most wearers enjoy about this footwear is the Adiprene found beneath the heel, which allows it to give the best cushioning when you are dealing with impact. It is abrasion-resistant, too.

Furthermore, the Adidas Barricade is effective in protecting yourself from foot drag, which usually happens during volleys and extreme lateral movements. It also takes pride in its anatomical comfort and fit brought on by its Geofit construction.

One more feature that it has is the Ghillie, which you can find on top of the lacing. This guarantees a more locked-down fit. A potential issue, though, is the initial stiffness in the hard plastic found on the shoe’s exteriors but this will go away after breaking it in.

HEAD Sonic 2000 MID Indoor Court Shoe

What is It Best For?
Best for different kinds of sports and activities, including but not limited to, squash, racquetball, tennis, and running.

Because it is stable, breathable, comfortable, and provides superior traction when used in an indoor or outdoor court.

You will also fall in love with the HEAD Sonic 2000 MID Indoor Court Shoe, which you can buy from Amazon. One awesome thing about this indoor court shoe is that it combined the sturdy synthetic leather and the comfortable and breathable mesh materials.

This combination is favourable for you as it promotes an excellent fit, which plays a huge role in boosting your comfort level, provided you selected the correct size.  It boasts of a pre-molded heel counter at the interior, which promotes a nice fit on the heel. This specific feature also boosts the stability of the shoe.

The mesh used on the shoe’s tongue is also known for its breathability. This can help maintain the freshness and coolness of your feet inside. Another reason to love the HEAD Sonic 2000 MID indoor shoe is it delivers superior traction and sturdiness brought on by its non-marking gum rubber compound.

You do not also need to worry about the effects of harsh impact and shock. It is because the shoe takes pride in its EVA cushioning for the midsole. This cushioning is shock-absorbent, thereby keeping you safe during each hard and tough landing.

It has a great fit while also letting you enjoy a nice grip on a wide range of surfaces. One downside, though, is that it is prone to peeling especially with heavy use.

ASICS Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoe

What is It Best For?
Ideal for playing tennis and squash, especially if you intend to experience a rough yet exciting play.

Because of its guaranteed durability, superior grip, and nice fit.

You can also choose ASICS Upcourt 2, which is more of a men’s volleyball shoe but is also compatible with squash players. It combines mesh underlays and synthetic leather overlays for its overall construction, which is extremely helpful in providing utmost comfort in your forefoot as well as excellent breathability.

The soles feel like they are fully made of rubber, providing adequate grip, thereby ensuring that it sticks well on the court. In fact, it tends to adjust very well depending on your timing.

It also has a perfect fit, which greatly contributes in making sure that you are comfortable wearing it. One more feature it has is the padding integrated at the toes. It is a big advantage as it prevents your feet from experiencing pain after playing for long.

It is a durable pair, which seems to hold up well no matter how rigorous your playing style is. Another benefit of this shoe is that it does not require wearers to break it in. Furthermore, it is already comfortable and is not stiff the first time you use it. The only issue with the shoe is that it is not that stylish.


When shopping for the best squash shoes, especially from Amazon, the ultimate choice will depend on your personal preference. Luckily, you now have easy access to several brands and models of squash gear and footwear.

Just ensure that you study all your choices well. Find the correct size. Your new footwear must fit your feet comfortably while giving it the support and protection it needs when you are playing a highly intense session of squash and when doing other movements and activities, like running.