Best Toddler Soccer Balls

Are you looking for the ultimate sport to introduce to your little one? Then I recommend you get them into soccer, which is such a fun-filled activity the entire family can join!

What’s great is that even toddlers can start learning the wonders of soccer, with equipment and clothes made for them. So if you’re looking for the top eight toddler soccer balls to get them started, read on! I’ll show you the ultimate guide to the best toddler soccer balls.

Top 8 Toddler Soccer Balls Comparison Table

Benefits of Soccer For Toddlers

Sure, they may still be toddlers, but it’s never too young for them to learn new skills, especially when they are exploring and keen to play! Here are some reasons why soccer is an amazing sport your toddler should try playing:

  • Improve Motor Skills: Soccer will require running, using your feet to control the ball. This is beneficial to improve your little one’s motor skills at an early age, and can even help those who need extra practice to develop such skills. They’ll be able to have more control and move around better.
  • Help Brain Development: Soccer will have you think fast, solving problems, and making quick decisions. Your little one can overcome challenges and practice their mental skills, also giving them the platform to hone their visual-spacial awareness. It also improves their foot-eye coordination, which also improves their brain function.
  • Improve Bone Density: Children, including toddlers, who participate in sports and activities like soccer at a young age, may have higher bone density scores. The sport may improve bone strength and density, which is an absolute must in your toddler’s growing body!
  • Build Social Skills: Soccer is a team sport, though toddlers don’t have assigned positions yet. With younger children, they learn how to share the soccer ball and take turns scoring goals, which can help build interpersonal social skills. This improves the way they communicate with others!
  • Keep Your Toddler Healthy: Exercise is essential for toddlers, as it helps maintain their overall health. With soccer, it teaches your little one endurance and strength, building muscle and aerobic capacity which can help them in the long run. Plus, it promotes a healthier lifestyle they will appreciate as they grow older!

Best Toddler Soccer Balls Reviews

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Soccer Ball

✔ Can also introduce counting, colors, and shapes
✔ Easy to clean and maintain when used indoors
✔ Cute and soft design that toddlers can play catch with

✘ Not made for outdoor play, will get soaked easily
✘ Better as an educational toy than for actual soccer

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Soccer Ball Review

The Fisher-Price Soccer Ball isn’t exactly the typical ball for sports, but a great way to introduce the sport. 

Not only can toddlers learn soccer from it, but also introduce simple lessons such as counting, colors, shapes, and good sportsmanship! It will really encourage your little one to start moving around more.

Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball

✔ The ball has a soft feel when kicking it for good practice
✔ It comes with a 1-year guarantee for your money’s worth
✔ Simple design that looks official for soccer training

✘ Some parents say it doesn’t hold air for long
✘ It’s better for training than official games

Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball Review

The Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball is another official-looking ball made for indoors and outdoors. This size 3 ball has the 4-ply PU synthetic leather cover that makes it soft and easier to kick.

This is a great first-time soccer ball for toddlers who want to play seriously, especially outdoors.

Franklin Soccer Ball

✔ Does not leak or deflate quickly, keeps in shape longer
 ✔ Has a soft cover with a responsive feel for good practice
✔ The ball arrives inflated so there’s no need to inflate

 ✘ It may arrive underinflated due to shipment issues
✘ Best made for practicing and playtime

Franklin Soccer Ball Review

The Franklin Sports Soccer Ball looks as professional as it kicks! It’s another size 3 soccer ball meant for those under eight years old, used for official little league games. 

It’s made with a soft cover and a unique foam cushioning system for a responsive feel, with a good air retention bladder to last long.

Wilson NCAA Soccer Ball Copia

✔ Has an awesome design with a professional look
✔ Doesn’t deflate easily with a high-performance butyl bladder
✔ It has a soft feel and nice for toddlers to kick safely

✘ The colors may be inconsistent and brighter than expected
✘ Some toddlers may not like the overly bright colors

Wilson NCAA Soccer Ball Copia

The Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball boasts a very attractive design that children will be amazed by. It is made with a composite leather cover and carcass windings, which help retain its shape and keep it durable for many games.

With its durability and awesome design, it’s perfect as toddlers transition to something a bit bigger!

Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

✔ Official look for toddlers who want to play hard
✔ Made with durable material from a reputable company
✔ The ball stays inflated and consistent weight

✘ Slick and slippery covering
✘ Has no NFHS stamp

Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball Review

The Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball is a great “professional” soccer ball for toddlers who want to feel like they’re playing the big league! This is a size 3 ball that has the athletic look, coming from a big sports brand many will know and trust.

Made with soft and synthetic leather, it’s still easy to kick and fun for toddlers to play with outside!

Champion Sports Soft Foam Mini Football

✔ Has the classic soccer ball design with bright yellow colors
✔ High-density foam for soft kicks and consistent weight
✔ Soft-coated cover to stay strong and long-lasting

✘ It may be a bit too big for smaller toddlers
✘ Not weather-resistant and gets soaked easily

Champion Sports Coated High Density Foam Soccer Ball Review

The Champion Sports Soccer Ball is known for its simple and bright style that can easily be noticed and found. It’s also amazing for its material, made with the soft-coated foam cover that’s comfortable to play with and is tear-resistant for both indoor and outdoor games. 

While a bit on the bigger side (size 4), it’s still a suitable soccer ball for growing toddlers.

Daball Toddler Soft Soccer Ball

✔ Includes a pump and gift box
✔ Made with a safe and durable TPU cover
✔ Adorable designs to attract toddlers

✘ There are minor shipping issues
✘ Some parents may find it too small

Daball Toddler Soft Soccer Ball Review

Lastly, I love the Daball Toddler Soccer Ball, which is perfect for little girls! This is a size 1 soccer ball with a unicorn design, making it appealing for babies to play with. 

It is made of soft and bouncy material. The soft TPU cover, meeting the CPSC Safety Requirements and the Phthalate Compliant.  With its adorable style and durable material, it’s a great way to introduce soccer to your little girl.

SELECT Mini Skills Soccer Ball Series

✔ Comes at the optimum size for younger toddlers
✔ Very easy and safe for toddlers to kick and chase
✔ It can hold inflation well for its price range

✘ Requires more air pressure as it easily “smooshes”
✘ The foam cover isn’t as slick as expected, not water-resistant

SELECT Mini Skills Soccer Ball Series Review

This is one of the best soccer balls for toddlers because this miniball is a size 1 that’s great for skills training for younger ones. It has a similar graphic design as professional soccer balls, as well as the soft feel and longer-lasting material.

How to Choose the Best Toddler Soccer Ball

  • Soccer Ball Size: There are different sizes of soccer balls made by age and skill set. The size 3 soccer ball is the smallest soccer ball used for official games, made for those who are under eight years old. 

    However, you may want to get the miniball, or size 1, which is the smallest soccer ball with a circumference of 18-inches. This is made for toddlers who are still learning to kick, as it’s small and lightweight. 
  • Construction and Material: Of course, you will want a soccer ball that’s safe for our toddler to use and will guarantee a long lifespan. 

    I recommend investing in a soccer ball made with softer foam and material for toddlers to easily kick. PU synthetic leather and the air-lock bladder are great to retain air and shape, while still staying soft for your little one to use. Plus, these materials are longer-lasting and offer consistent weight for better shooting/kicking accuracy.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this purchasing guide on the top eight toddler soccer balls will help you find the perfect one! Get into the soccer spirit and encourage your little one to try out this sport with the right soccer ball now. 

Would you like to share your reviews on these toddler soccer balls or ask any questions about my guide? Comment below, I appreciate all your thoughts!

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