How to Wash Neoprene

Learning how to wash neoprene fabric is a bit different compared to washing other fabrics, but just as important. Fortunately, it isn’t as difficult as it seems, as long as you use the right material and way. But the question is: What do you need and how do you clean this fabric efficiently?

That depends on what articles of clothing or products you need to be cleaned! So read on as I talk about the means of cleaning neoprene properly.

How to Wash Neoprene Wetsuit?

How to Wash Neoprene Wetsuit?
  • Prepare a tub of cool water and pour in your chosen neoprene wetsuit cleaner. You can also opt for baby shampoo or mild laundry detergent in replacement of Neoprene shampoo. Prepare the wetsuit as well by opening all the zippers and turning it inside out then submerge the wetsuit to the tub.
  • Knead the suit and make sure the cleaner mixes in with the wetsuit. Allow it to soak for half an hour.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with cool water. Hang it upside down to dry and store it hanging rather than folded to prevent creases and damage.

How do you clean stinky Neoprene?

To get rid of the stink from salt, body oils, and other related dirt, make sure you rinse your suit thoroughly inside and out with fresh water.

Then, use distilled white vinegar and mix it with your choice of essential oils, which have antibacterial properties to get rid of the stench. Pour about five cups of vinegar to the tub with your neoprene, as well as up to 20 drops of your essential oil. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

How do you wash a neoprene lunch bag?

With a lunch bag, you can either have it cleaned with the laundry machine or by hand. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, follow their recommendations.

Just like with wetsuits, place it in the machine and use only the gentle or delicate machine cycle with cold water and gentle detergent. Before placing it in the machine, the metal hook should be clipped to your bag’s handle.

Never dry-clean, iron, or tumble dry, nor should you wear non-color fast fabrics, as the colors will rub on the bag.

How do you wash neoprene knee sleeves and waist trimmers?

Cleaning your neoprene waist trimmers and knee sleeves are similar to waders and wetsuits. However, it’s best that you hand wash it rather than put it in the laundry machine.

I recommend that you boil your waist trimmer and knee sleeve after a sweaty workout, doing so for five minutes. Afterward, add a bit of mild dish soap and let it cool in the tub. You can also use vinegar in exchange with mild soap.

How do you wash neoprene seat covers?

How do you wash neoprene seat covers
cleaning the car seat

If you have seat covers made of the material, make sure you follow these steps:

  • For normal food spills, you may simply wipe off the area with a damp cloth, which is free from lint. Prepare your seat cover with a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris or dirt.
  • With two gallons of warm water in a tub, mix it with two spoonfuls of the cleaning agent. Mix it properly, making a uniform liquid solution
  • Using a sponge or cloth, dip it to the mixture then begin wiping the car seat all over, focusing on the stained areas. Avoid adding too much of the liquid solution to the cover
  • Repeat step two, this time using fresh water to rinse the seat cover. Rinse it properly to prevent leaving any traces of liquid solution. You may need to repeat this step until everything is clean
  • Once it’s completely rinsed, blow-dry the cover and wipe it using a clean, dry towel.
  • If you have any tough stains, spray upholstery cleaner. Allow it to dry and wipe it off with a dry cloth. Do NOT use a bleaching or corrosive agent, which may damage the material

How do you wash neoprene waders, masks, and other wading gear?

Follow these steps according to what gear you need to be cleaned:


  • Wash it frequently, removing any soil or body soils. Hand Wash it with warm water and mild soap
  • Rinse it thoroughly then put it out air drying, ensuring that the support is dry before you apply it


  • Follow the care instructions based on the manufacturer, which would either be through the laundry or manually
  • Follow similar steps to washing a wetsuit, using powder detergent that has no color or shine enhancers. Be sure that you remove any straps included and close the zips

Frequently Asked Questions

To clean neoprene, there are certain things you need to learn about. Here are the frequently asked questions so you can get a hang of it:

Can you put neoprene in a laundry machine?

You can use a machine for your neoprene but only in a delicate setting. Use cold water when doing so and remove it immediately after the laundry cycle to prevent it from creasing. With that said, it’s best to avoid the machine altogether, handwashing it instead, using water below 40 degrees C.

 Does neoprene shrink in the dryer?

Neoprene doesn’t shrink in a dryer as long as you have it on low or tumble dry settings. Never put it in a dryer on high heat or iron it.

As much as possible, I recommend air drying it instead of using a dryer. However, do NOT leave your neoprene clothing under the hot sun, which can cause it to damage immediately.

Wrapping It Up

Washing neoprene doesn’t need to be such a tough task. With the right materials and knowledge, your gear can be squeaky clean and ready to use.

I hope this article on cleaning neoprene helped you out. So don’t search any longer and use these tips today.

Do you have any questions or also want to share your tips and materials you use for cleaning your gear? Comment down below, all your thoughts are really appreciated!

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