Whether you love soccer or not, you would probably agree that shoes used in this sport are some of the most attractive and professionally designed. And as you would expect, Nike leads the way for companies that make attractive, comfortable and high quality shoes for soccer professionals and non-professionals as well.

Nike Mercurial Victory V FG soccer cleat for instance is an outstanding high end sports shoe that any soccer player would be delighted to own. It isn’t expensive after all as you will see below, plus it could withstand even tough weather conditions

Nike Mercurial Victory V FG

✔ Rubber sole
✔ Authentic Nike Guarantee
✔ Synthetic leather designed for fit and comfort

Nike Mercurial Victory V FG Review

Nike Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleats Features


The Fg soccer cleat takes a full length, synthetic rubber sole and fine finishes that just make it look outstanding. It comes in a variety of colors that include; pink, orange, red, black and white. On the other hand, the smooth feel and the conspicuous Nike label give the pair of shoe an elegant touch. Nike also made several sizes of this Mercurial design of soccer shoes, with the average shoe measuring 6*13*4 inches.

Great Traction

With its full length TPU outsoles, the Nike men’s Mercurial victory aims to provide the best multi field traction you can get as you enjoy the great game of soccer. The improved grip it provides plus the comfort that comes with the shoe’s low profile cushioning also helps you stay focused on the game, which is definitely what every soccer player wants. The shoe’s inner soles also contain contoured sock lines with top clothes, which in turn help your foot feeling comfortable and not too pressed in there.

Comfortable Lace Closures

The Nike’s top rated shoe, like most soccer shoes, holds your foot into place with lace closures. However, this Mercurial’s victory soccer cleat’s laces are even firmer, but at the same time comfortable. They are easy to tie and leave you feeling comfortable in the best possible way. This comfort in turn helps you maintain great stability and stamina to control the ball.


The Nike’s shoe is strong and durable, as previous men’ Mercurial victory reviews have shown. Its outsoles after all are high quality made to withstand tough carpet soccer fields and changing weather conditions. It is also easy to clean with a wet piece of cloth, which is yet another reason why it tends to last for long.


While most Nike shoes are made for high end customers, the men’s Mercurial victory could suit any kind of person who loves soccer. The smaller versions of the shoe definitely cost lower, but men’s high end designs could go up to $140. The price is justified though, especially when you consider its great design and durable quality that leaves most reviewers satisfied.

Unboxing Mercurial Victory V FG Cleats


Finally, while soccer looks like a sport which you could play with any type of sports shoes, it is game where you could also develop injuries. Some of these injuries could be preventable, especially if you play with a shoe that holds your feet firm and comfortable.

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