The New Balance MX20v4 Shoe is a minimalist training shoe that gives you more lateral control, movement, and stability. The saying less more is often times is true. Nowadays, it’s all about minimalism—even with the footwear you use for training. If you’re into running, cross fit, cycling, and weight lifting, you should know that your target is to use choose footwear that will give you both flexibility and support that you need for your trainings.

New Balance MX20v4

✔ 100% Synthetic
✔ Made in the USA and Imported
✔ Synthetic sole
✔ Durable Vibram outsole

New Balance MX20v4  Review

New Balance MX20v4 Features

Made by Vibram, the same makers of the well-known Five Fingers Shoes, the New Balance MX20v4 offers you a barefoot training experience. It is made of see-through mesh that makes the shoe lightweight, but at the same time provides you the stability and movement that you need in your training. Its sides are also made of breathable mesh that keeps your feet dry. It also features a padded collar and tongue that will keep your feet tight yet comfortable while wearing the shoes.

The New Balance MX20v4 Shoe are made for athletes who don’t want to wear socks for training. The cushioned insole contains anti-microbial properties that control odor. It is also made of NB REVlite midsole that is 30% more lightweight than other foams, which keeps you low and delivers you the durability that you need from this footwear.  In addition The out sole of New Balance MX20v3  comes from its Vibram makers.


  • The New Balance MX20v4 is one of the, if not, the lightest cross training shoes available in the market. It provides the exerciser the experience of what it’s like to be training without shoes and still provide the support that your training requires.

  • The first version of the New Balance Minumus line had issues with durability at the front and sole of the shoe. Lateral support was also reported as a problem with the first Minimus line. However, the MX20v4 was able to address these issues by providing an extra eyelet at the top of the shoe that allows you to go back on your heels, as well as additional features to support lateral stability.

  • The materials that make the New Balance Minumus MX20v4 makes the shoes breathable which makes running or training even without socks, comfortable. No need to worry about blisters even if you go sockless.

  • Athletes with wide feet will still feel comfortable wearing the New Balance Minumus MX20v4 because of its wide toe box.


  • Because of its minimalist design, the New Balance Minumus MX20v4 doesn’t provide too much support in the arches compared to other weight training shoes.

  • The New Balance MX20v4 features a 4mm heel drop that allows you to be in neutral position when lifting weights. However, this feature also makes the shoes incompatible for heel strikers that may need extra cushion for their footwear.

  • Since the shoe is so thin, running with it on the road might make you feel the stones and other bumps on the road, plus the shoes might not last that long when you use it one the road because it’s soles are thin. However, these shoes are perfect to use in gyms

Unboxing New Balance MX20v4


Overall, the New Balance MX20v4 is the ideal choice for a minimalist cross training shoe. With its advanced technology, athletes will not have to worry of changing footwear for different workouts. It gives you the barefoot training experience but at the same time gives you the support, movement, and stability that you need.

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